We’re looking for individuals who want to learn the real estate business and seek financial freedom to join our team.

At RE/MAX Top Producers we’re all about home and family and operate our business with that in mind. We give you the support and positive energy you need to create and build solid teams to succeed. We share everything we know in a positive environment. We don’t just tell you what to do: we show you by leading by example and being hands on. We lead with our Fuentes Family Values: by example, through action, and with collaboration.

FACT: 54% of real estate agents make 50K or less a year.

We can help you do more and bigger transactions to change your life. The real estate business is negative, competitive, and gossipy.  Intense competition breeds isolation, lack of confidence, and no path for personal and professional growth. This results in low production, high volume work, with little reward.

We change the game. We create an environment of positivity, self-development, motivation, and education. We’ll get you to change your mindset, see what’s possible, and even turn it around in as little as a month.

We help give you the tools you need to succeed and the environment and mindset to ensure you get there.

At RE/MAX Top Producers, we:

  • Provide the basic training you never received
  • Give you tools for call settings, business plans, and lead generation
  • Go over branding, lead management systems/CRM, daily scheduling and routines
  • Change your mindset to set goals and the help to accomplish them to know it is possible
  • Foster the community and positive environment to help you win
  • Help you build a solid team

We help you create a consistent business and take it to the next level with our formula to help you create a well-rounded business and the community you need for support. You might not have had the coaching you needed before or haven’t seen anyone else in real estate produce results… until now.

Want to be part of our legacy and become an agent in the San Gabriel Valley, Inland Empire, and North O.C. areas? We would love to have you. Reach out to us here to join RE/MAX Top Producers.

If you’re interested in joining the team, get in touch with us.

About Christian and Jeanette Fuentes

We’ve worked together for over 12 years, been married for 10, and have two kids. We put family and God first and also our health before money. It’s this kind of positive, whole life attitude, along with our personal techniques and proven formula, that made us a top producing RE/MAX team.

We have 200 agents in our office, along with owning and running both an escrow company and a flipping company. We continue to grow while maintaining a positive, caring, family environment, teaching others what we know to help them become successful too. A lot of other brokers try to hold people back and want to keep their secrets because of the competitive nature of real estate, but we don’t believe in scarcity–we believe if you surround yourself with success, you’ll become successful.

As a married team, Christian is a master salesman, on the ground selling and flipping houses and teaching people through example. Jeanette is a marketing, branding and operations expert with a hands-on approach. Together, we create a supportive environment with the tools to help you become successful to give you financial freedom and leave a legacy for your family.

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